Flow Control

The Lutz flow control system:
A modular construction with the customer and his environment in mind.
To meet the growing challenges to our new customers and their environments, Lutz has developed an efficent cost effective flow meter, using existing measuring technology and state of the art electronics.

The new meter can be combined with selected accessories to form a complete flow management system.



  • Modular Construction
  • Robust Design
  • Choice of Resistant Materials
  • Fingertip Calibration
  • Remote Control Facility
  • Large 6-Digit LCD Display
  • Built in Data Protection
  • Memory Capacity for 9 different liquids
  • Protective Strainer Provided
  • Battery Condition Indicator
  • No Special Batteries Required
  • Easy Installation
  • Trouble Free Maintenance
Optimization of a tired and tested technology.
At the heart of the Lutz flow meter system is a measuring chamber with a nutating disc. Liquid passing through the chamber causes the disc to rotate about its axis, sending an impulse via a magnetic coupling to the display unit which in turn records the flow. Calibration for various liquids is done simply by keying-in the respective factors.

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