Acid Waste Collection

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Look to FilterChem™ for reliable, quiet, convenient and economical collection and transfer stations. Use where gravity drains are not available or where you want to collect corrosives by production machinery for periodic transfer to clarifiers or storage tanks. We can build you a special size to your requirements.Vertical Pumps from CPVC or Polypropylene have no seals or bearings in solution. A FilterChem™ Level-Controller guarantees reliable automatic operation.

Operation is simple. When collection station fills, our FilterChem™ Level-Controller automatically signals the pump to start thereby emptying the pumping station. When it is empty, the level controller signals the pump to stop and the cycle repeats.


Acid Waste Collection and Pumping Stations

Part # Tank
PS-10 7 Gallons
PS-15 14 Gallons
PS-37 31 Gallons
PS-56 50 Gallons
PS-60 53 Gallons
PS-150 139 Gallons
 Other Pumps and Tanks are available in polypropylene or PVDF
Motors are furnished Totally Enclosed
Crating charges will applyAlso available:

    (2 pumps, 2 controllers)
Tank Pump Tank Dimensions
Lgth x Wdth x Ht
Cap./Gallons Inlet Size Outlet
PS-6 7 1-1/2″ 1 1/2″ 12x12x12 1/8
PS-10 7 1-1/2″ 1 1-1/2″ 12x12x12 1/8
PS-12 14 1-1/2″ 2 3/4″ 24x12x12 1/3
PS-15 14 1-1/2″ 2 3/4″ 24x12x12 1/3
PS-37 31 2″ 2 3/4″ 24x18x18 1/3
PS-56 50 2″ 5 1″ 30x24x18 1
PS-60 53 2″ 5 1″ 48x24x12 1
PS-150 139 2″ 5 1″ 48x24x30 1
Part #

PS-10, PS-15, PS-37, PS-56, PS-60, PS-150