Waste Stations and Scrubbers


Acid Waste Collection
Pumping Stations

Look to Filterchem for reliable, quiet, convenient and economical collection and transfer stations. Use where gravity drains are not available or where you want to collect corrosives by production machinery for periodic transfer to clarifiers or storage tanks. Fits easily under sinks or we can build you a special size to suit special requirements. System shipped complete, ready to use.

Pumps are CPVC or Polypro construction, no seals and no bearings. Entire unit has no metallic contact. Pumps are capable of handling anything compatible with CPVC. All motors are heavy duty TEFC type rated for continuous duty. Polypropylene pumps are also available on request.



Complete systems, blowers and components are available. Vertical models are also available. Plastic fans which will match scrubbers perfectly are optional and are matched by us for each scrubber application. Hoods and ducting are also made to order.