BEX Plastic Tank Mixing Eductors

Whatever your chemical solution may be, we have a tank mixing eductor that will greatly enhance the ability of your pumping system to properly circulate that solution.

For pushing solids to a filter pump well, keeping suspended solids from settling, mixing chemicals, adjusting pH, or returning solution from a heat exchanger, look to BEX tank mixing eductor products.

"MP" Eductor Benefits

To determine circulation, multiply the nozzle flow by five (5).
(1 gallon pumped = 5 gallons circulated)

More "in tank" circulation is achieved using smaller pumps:

  • Smaller pumps require less capital ($)
  • Less electricity required to run pumps ($)
  • Less friction (heat) created in the pumping system

More circulation means less "setting" of solids:

  • Improved performance from filtration systems
  • Reduced maintenance at scheduled down times
  • Better control of solution uniformity (composition)

MP Eductors molded in polypropylene:

  • Good in many applications up to 175°F
  • Will not corrode in most acid solutions
  • Adds no metal/contaminates to solution chemistry
  • Fiberglass reinforced for good mechanical strength
  • Smooth plastic resists buildup of scale and plugging

MP Eductors also available in PVDF:

  • Premium quality, chemical-resistant plastic
  • Good in many applications up to 300°F

The Series 50 Stat-tube is an effective answer to your mixing requirements. Operating in-line, with no moving parts, this mixer blends and disperses treatment chemicals into waste water streams. Compared to competitive mixers, its unique baffling design ensures complete mixing in a shorter length and lower pressure drop.

The Series 50 are easily installed in new or existing process lines. They are available in pipe sizes from 3/8" to 16" diameter. Construction materials include PVC, CPVC and Polypropylene.